Diesel Boost Transport – Diesel Additive

Improves the Efficiency of Diesel Fuel

Diesel Boost is a very effective diesel additive developed specifically to improve the efficiency of diesel fuel for light and heavy trucks . Through a reduction of the smoke from the exhaust engine output is improved.

By adding Diesel Boost to the fuel, black smoke from the combustion is reduced through:


  • a cleaning of the fuel injectors and fuel pump
  • improving the atomisation of the fuel and thus improving its ability to burn more cleanly in the combustion chamber.

Diesel Boost immediately blends with the fuel in the tank. Hereafter it starts its clean up effect. Full effect is achieved after few hours of operation.
Furthermore Diesel Boost counteracts water’s ability to emulsify in the fuel tank. Hereby the fuel pump and the injectors are protected against rust and corrosion.



• Cleans up the fuel system and maintains it clean
• Improves the atomisation of the fuel.
• Makes the engine operation more quiet and more noiseless.
• Counteracts for water in the fuel, hence eliminating rust and corrosion in pump and injectors
• Improved lubricity for extended fuel pump and injector life
• Corrosion protection for the entire fuel system
• Reduced black smoke and pollution in the exhaust

Treatment rates

Diesel Boost Transport should be added to diesel fuel at the ratio of 1 liter for every 400 litres of diesel fuel, or 0.4%.